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Keys to Crypto

Blockchain technology and crypto WILL be the greatest transfer of wealth we will ever see.

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What People Are Saying:

In 2019 the "Crypto-winter" was in full swing, and I bought Crypto/tokens at a relatively low cost. James was crucial in understanding and navigating through the rather complicated process! Even in this downturn, most of my positions are still worth more now than when I bought them! Thank you...James and LIGHTHOUSE DIGITAL ASSETS!!

Daniel Lee

James helped me get started in crypto and guided me to become a confident crypto investor. From the very start of setting up my Coinbase wallet all the way to funding my first few deals as part of a VC. He was very patient and warned me of some common pitfalls (some he had to learn the hard way personally in the beginning), and heeding that guidance is what has helped me protect my crypto assets from the various scam attempts and shady deals. James breaks it down very simply to help a new user understand the process of trading crypto assets, transferring crypto assets from one platform to another, and what the nature of these assets are, whether they are NFTs or tokens. Being a new user can be intimidating and overwhelming if you don’t know where to start, how to do things securely, or don’t have the patience to research and struggle through figuring out the proper and secure processes. James helped me cut right through all that and made getting into the crypto world as easy and smooth as it can be. His level of knowledge in this realm is such an irreplaceable tool when learning about the crypto world, I still heed his advice to this day.